Ukraine needs your help
- Start fundraising for your own car

We at the Caravan have noticed that more and more people want to help Ukraine. It's like a ripple effect.

Therefore, we want to give everyone the opportunity to collect a car and participate in the Caravan. For example, join forces with your group of friends, your workplace, your sports club, your family. Then you drive the car yourself as part of a larger Caravan. Your contribution is concrete, meaningful and extremely important.

This is how you can help Ukraine (read carefully and then contact us):

    • You commit to raising funds for a car with medical equipment and power stations. Each car requires €20,000, but you can also participate with a smaller amount (see below).
   • You involve your family, your relatives, your friends, your colleagues, your cousin's company, anyone who wants to support Ukraine.
  • All money is paid directly to the association Karavanen till Ukraina rf's bank account, which has a official Finnish fundraising licence. Your car will have its own payment reference so that we can keep track of the collection status.
  • We who run the organisation Caravan to Ukraine make all purchases with the money you have collected. In other words, you can concentrate entirely on raising the money. The Caravan buys the equipment that Ukraine needs.
   • There is a maximum of 10 cars in a Caravan, so your car becomes part of a larger whole. This creates a sense of togetherness and makes the experience unforgettable. Departure is about once a month (depending on the collection situation). You drive your car yourself. You must be healthy, have a driving licence and experience of long driving days. You must have your own travel insurance.
    • You will be told the time and place of departure approximately one month in advance. Usually the departure is on Saturday morning from Helsinki and the return is on Tuesday evening (we travel by land, but if you are in a hurry, you can pay for the flight home on Monday morning from Poland).
   • You will personally meet the Ukrainian recipients and hand over "your" car and equipment. There will be time for photography and discussion.
   • The team spirit within the Caravan and the feeling of being able to personally help is an experience you will have for the rest of your life. You become a friend of Ukraine.
  • The Caravan has no administrative costs. Everyone works voluntarily. All money goes to Ukraine. Transparency is our motto: all expenses are publicly reported.
    What happens if I/we do not reach €20,000?
    You can still participate but not with your own car. In that case, you will be a co-driver and share a car with someone else. All the money you raise will in any case go to the Caravan and Ukraine.
    What happens if I exceed the fundraising target?
    We will buy more equipment. Ukraine thanks you!
    What about costs during the journey?
We have an established route and established places we eat at with negotiated prices. The Caravan's budget includes accommodation in Suwalki and Lublin, breakfast + one meal per day and the return journey by land. You pay everything else out of your own pocket.
    Do I have to know Swedish / Finnish / English / Ukrainian to participate?
    No, you don't. The only requirement is that you want to help Ukraine and are ready to be part of the Team Caravan.
    Do I need a visa?
    No, you don't if you're a citizen of EU. We drive through the EU countries Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. You will need your ID and a valid passport.

That's it! Ready to challenge yourself, your friends and help Ukraine? If so, send an email to karavanenukraina(at) with your contact details and Magnus Londen or Roope Roine will call you back.

Ukraine thanks you!